NHL 22
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NHL 22

NHL 22 NHL 22 NHL 22 NHL 22 NHL 22 NHL 22

Key Features
  • AUGMENTED REALITY BROADCAST Get the info you need without taking your eyes off the ice with as key game stats and more are projected onto physical surfaces in the game via an augmented reality-like visual package. Plus, every time you execute a highlight reel play, a 3D graphic will project over your player to pump you up and demoralize your opponent.
  • PLAYER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Overhauled player likenesses, eye movement animations, and shaders for hair and skin make players look and act more realistic everywhere on the ice. Eye movement and facial expressions visibly react to the changing environment and in-game moments.
  • STICK PHYSICS Stick play has been overhauled with new gameplay physics, resulting in moves that look, feel, and affect games in true-to-life ways. Expect realistic battles for the puck, fouls called for stick to body contact, and more.
  • SKILL MOVES AND ENVIRONMENTS New skill moves, environments, and X-Factors will stand out for all the right reasons thanks to the new visual details provided by Frostbite. New gameplay mechanics and animations will make X-Factor abilities shine even more as they visually affect each game and interact with other players and the environment.

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Konsole 316
Žanrs Sports
Reģions Eiropa (Pal/2 reģioni)
Spēles valodas Angļu
PEGI reitings ieteicams no 12 gadiem
Izdošanas datums 2021
Singleplayer Ir
Multiplayer Ir
Local Co-Op (Splitscreen) 1-2 spēlētāji
Formāts Fiziskā kopija (spēļu disks)
CUSA kods 01536