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Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns Unstable Unicorns


Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game about everyone's two favourite things: Destruction & Unicorns. The goal of Unstable Unicorns is to be the first person to collect seven Unicorns in your play area, also known as your Stable. Use Magic, Instant, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards to hinder your opponents’ progress and destroy their Unicorns. But beware -- each player has all of these tools at their disposal as well, and you may just find your plans foiled by a well-played “Neigh!” card. Get ready to destroy your friendships...but in a good way.

In 2017, Unstable Unicorns became one of the top 100 most backed Kickstarter projects of all time, and in 2019, the game won the People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year. We are super proud to have created a game that allows people to share meaningful experiences while actively working to screw each other over.

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Spēlētāju skaits 2 - 8
Spēlēšanas laiks 30 - 45 Min
Vecums 14+
Grūtības Viegli / Vidēji gaišs
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