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Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony Digital
Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet

Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet Gran Turismo 7 Pērciet

Key Features

The Greatest Gran Turismo Experience

The legendary "GT Mode" returns as "Campaign Mode," revisiting the roots of the Gran Turismo experience where players start from the GT World Map.

The name Gran Turismo stems from the great journeys taken by people in the 17th century, traveling long routes throughout the Continent. The Campaign Mode of GT7 will again be a place where players embark on unique journeys throughout the Gran Turismo world to create their own individual experiences.

Car Collection

The first step in the cultural automotive experience is an introduction to the names of the cars and how they look. The "Car Collection" aspect has been dramatically enhanced, as players can now visit a new location called "GT Café" where interaction with various characters provide assistance in amassing their cars. Players can acquire collectable cars by participating in races or purchasing them from Brand Central and Used Car Dealerships.

Car Tuning

One of the greatest joys of owning a car is to modify it to suit your personal tastes. In GT7, players will be able to tune the engine, as well as customize parts such as the suspension, transmission gearing, brakes, tires, and more.

The place to satisfy your tuning needs is "GT Auto," which makes a comeback in GT7. GT Auto also provides maintenance work too, such as performing oil changes and even washing your car.

Livery Editor

The "Livery Editor," which allows you to modify and edit the colors and decals on your car, has evolved in GT7. The user interface has been improved, raising both utility and accessibility.

Legendary Circuits

Historic circuits like Trial Mountain and High Speed Ring will be offered again. Not only have the layouts of these tracks been updated, but they are much richer in detail thanks to the power of PlayStation®5.

Variable Time/Weather Simulation

In GT7, a more natural and realistic variable time system and weather effect system have been recreated. Referencing a massive amount of meteorological observation data, including those from the academic databases of NASA, GT7 recreates spatial/time of day conditions for particle size distribution and concentration distribution of aerosol particles in the atmosphere on a global environmental scale. As a result, this feature unique to the Gran Turismo series can express real and complex sky patterns and changes in light for different times of day and weather conditions.


When you own a car that you love, it’s only natural to want to take photos of it in different locations around the world. "Scapes" allows you to do just that, allowing you to photograph your car in more than 2500 picturesque locales in 43 different countries. The images will appear very real, thanks to HDR technology and ray tracing that provides complex professional effects, including panning shots. And these photos can also be shared with other members of the community with the same love and passion for cars.

Dovydas K

Puikus simuliatorius!

Mindaugas A


Aurimas P

Pats geriausias!!!

Paulius M

Greitas išsiuntimas

Svajunas G

Vienas geresniu zaidimu

Svajunas G

Super zaidimas.greitas pristatymas

Peeter L

Väga hea, lihtne, kiire teenindus. Hinnad super Miks ma enne küll sellest enne pole kuulnud. Peaksid end reklaamima rohkem.

Mindaugas A

puikus zaidimas, butu puiku jei nuo kokios sumos pvz 100e gautusi nemokamas pristatymas nes tie nuolaidos kodai bet kokiu atveju visiem dalinami :)

Павел Л

Kaip visada, Gran Turismo yra vienas iš geriausių lenktyninių žaidimų PS platformoje

Rima K

Puikus, tikroviškas žaidimas.

Vladimir V


Zamas f

Viskas puiku,pristatymas greitas.

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