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Endorfy LIX pele ar vadu | 8000 DPI

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The LIX understands the need for speed — it’s built for it. The ARGB-backlit shell hides a heart of gold in the form of the battle-proven and reliable PixArt PMW3325 sensor.

Responsible for carrying out those clutch headshots are Kailh GM 4.0 mechanical microswitches with an estimated lifespan of 60 million clicks. All of that is contained within a honeycomb structure, keeping the mouse ultralight and your hand sweat-free. Handling the LIX is so effortless, it feels like it’s reading your mind.

With the LIX at your disposal, the sky’s the limit.

Top of the class
Quick to action and always ready for a fight — that’s the spirit of the LIX. With this trustworthy companion at your side, you’ll overcome any gaming challenge.

It’s all possible thanks to it’s the precise PixArt PMW3325 sensor, which expertly tracks the mouse’s movements even at the maximum speed of 2.54 m/s. And it’s reliable across the board, all the way up to 8,000 DPI.

Airy fairy
Don’t throw in the towel while the night is young. With the LIX you can game for longer — its ultralight honeycomb structure keeps your hand well-rested and sweat-free.

It’s in the name! The Roman numerals “LIX” equal 59.

The breathable housing ensures proper air circulation and keeps your busy hand cool. Additionally, LIX is equipped with slick PTFE feet to make sure it’ll slide across any mousepad effortlessly.

Kailh GM Express
Slow switches belong to the 9th circle of hell, along with their makers. But being gamers ourselves, we’d never make that mistake. That’s why the LIX is equipped with something snappy and reliable — the Kailh GM 4.0.

Bang-bang, you shot him down.

The Kailh GM 4.0 are universally praised for their responsiveness and durability — with a lifespan estimated at 60 million clicks, there’s no such thing as “clicking too much”. If you’re in the market for reliable microswitches that’ll last years, then place your bets on the Kailh GM.

Beast with cute ARGB backlight
Let's face it — the LIX looks epic. Make it truly unique by customizing its ARGB backlight to match the colors of your war room.

With the LIX you can backlight the Endorfy logo, the scroll wheel, and even the strip around the back of the case. Pick your own color or use one of the predefined effects – you can also quickly change the configuration using the dedicated software.

1.8 m of freedom
An unwieldly cable tugging at your mouse in the middle of a scrim is every technology hero’s worst nightmare. We’ve cried over spilt milk energy drinks countless times, but you don’t have to. LIX’s long and soft cable is our new MVP.

Our “paracord” cable is more flexible than you’d expect. Its outer sheath of woven fiber has one job only — to protect the cable from damage. It’s soft and light like your childhood teddy bear, so it won’t interfere with your work. Additionally, it’s 1.8 meters long — plenty enough for the LIX to slide freely across the mousepad.

Trust your guts LIX’s software
With LIX you live click as you like. Thanks to the dedicated software, you have full control over the mouse and all its perks. Make your own rules — change the sensitivity, customize the ARGB backlight, and record macros.

Endorfy LIX – main features:
• RGB lighting 16.8M colors
• Ultralight design (59 g)
• PixArt PMW3325 sensor
• 8,000 maximum DPI
• Kailh GM 4.0 60M mechanical switches
• 6 programmable buttons
• “Paracord” cable
• PTFE mouse feet
• 2 years warranty
Ražotājs Endorfy
GARANTIJA Fiziskām per. 24 mēn. / Juridiskām pers. 12 mēn.
Sensora tips PIXART PMW3325
DPI 8000
Krāsa Melns
Taustiņu skaits 6
Aizmugures apgaismojums Jā. RGB
Izmēri 126 x 65.7 x 38.5 mm
Tips Vadu
Speciāla programmatūras iekārta
Savienojums USB
Toņu skaits 16,8 M
Vada garums 180 cm
Ieteicams Spēlētājiem

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